Friday, June 22, 2007


XML issues all wrapped up. Simple replacement of & with xml syntax of &. I forgot & was used as a kind of escape.

KIO is still not crystal with me yet. Confusion over whether to use KIO::Job or KJob is the main issue. (The confusion is actually a result of every doc telling me to use KIO::Job but KJob being the only thing that actually works!)

XML parsing is next up on the agenda. There are of course niggles and slight inefficiencies with my current setup but they are minor relative to just getting the god damn work done.

Also, where to put my code in svn?

Now to read some Christopher Hitchens and sleep.


Anonymous said...

I read too late your 2007-06-20 post. KDE has some url escaping tools in kdelibs/kdecore/io/kurl.* I believe you will be able to use them, to avoid problems as the one you had with the ampersand.

Cristian Tibirna

(No way to post with Google account, sorry)

Gavin Beatty said...

That's very strange that you can't reply with your Google account. I'll ask on the blogger google group what the problem is if you could give more info?