Monday, June 18, 2007


My project:
  • Download xml from
  • Parse for "our" printer
  • If found:
    • Download rpm for driver and ppd (whatever available/necessary with this info being in the xml)
    • Install the rpm
  • If not found:
    • Report to the user that they should do something such as:
      • Investigate (google) if there really is no support
      • Write a letter to the manufacturer requesting support etc.

KNewStuff2 project:

KNewStuff2 (KNS2) is an implementation of the "Get Hot New Stuff" (GHNS) framework (if that's the right word).

It's aims and usage scenarios (AFAICT from don't seem to suit My Project as:
  • I need to select what to download based, not on user preference, but on something fixed - the hardware
  • KNS2 expects simple post-processing such as unzipping etc.
These somewhat rule out KNS2. They don't quite do so very decisively, but I feel that using KNS2 would be shoehorning somewhat.


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