Monday, June 25, 2007

A clarification on querying

Note: This post is a slightly blogified version of a comment I left to my mentor's comment to my last post. Also note that that sentence is awful. ;)

Yes, I shall be using QtXml module most likely with the SAX2 style variant being the most likely. (I've looked at QXmlStreamReader as it can parse an incomplete bytearray so we don't need the full XML before parsing.)

2 step process:
When querying, there are 3 types of information we can retrieve (using the type argument/option):
  • manufacturer (I likely won't use this)
  • printer
  • driver
So, in order to find and download a specific driver for a specific printer, there necessitates 2 queries.

The first query gets information from machine (and perhaps the user) about the printer type. This will also give lots of information about drivers available for the printer (there could even be a list of many recent, functional drivers that could all "work").

The second query will use this driver list (so we need the first query's XML parsed before we can make the second) and make a driver query. Here we can get information about the driver such as the all important download URL.

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